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Consultation day/hours

  M Tu W Th F Sa Su
  1. Closed on Sundays and public holidays
  2. ◎ Open at 9:00 on Saturday morning
  3. ▲ Surgical day / 14:00〜16:00

Consultation Schedule

  a.m. p.m.
Mon. Dr. Mayumi Onishi Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Tue. Dr. Mayumi Onishi Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Wed. Dr. Mayumi Onishi Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Thu. Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Fri. Dr. Mayumi Onishi Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Sat. Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Dr. Yuko Toma
Dr. Masako Ichikawa
Dr. Mayumi Onishi
Dr. Keiko Ishii*Surgery only

About Us

The Onishi clinic was established in the Asakusa area (central part of Tokyo) as a clinic for internal medicine in 1890. In 1930, the clinic moved to the Omori area, the more southern part of Tokyo, and set up new department of dermatology.


  • Dr. Mayumi Onishi, M.D.,Ph.D(Director : Internal medicine, Hematology)
  • Dr. Masako Ichikawa, M.D.(Dermatology)
  • Dr. Yuko Toma, M.D.(Dermatology)
  • Dr. Keiko Ishii, M.D.(Plastic surgery )


Doctor's column

Medical subjects

Internal medicine

We accept patients with a variety of medical conditions. If you have some concerns about your health, please feel free to come in for a visit. If we determine that you need more specialized medical care, we are happy to refer you to an appropriate medical facility that can provide you with the care that you need. If you are uncomfortable ...


We accept patients with a wide variety of dermatological problems, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and others. Please compile your treatment history and/or photographs of the pertinent skin lesion(s) and bring these documents with you when you come in for a visit. Those information is very valuable to us when we are deciding upon ...


We offer consultation for problems around the groin area (in the vicinity of the anus). Physical examinations and consultation are provided by a female physician. Please do not hesitate to come over to our clinic for a visit if you have any symptoms in the delicate area. We basically offer conservative therapy; i.e. non-surgical therapy, ...

Walk-in Blood Check

We offer walk-in blood analysis. If you have some concerns or would like to assess the effects of your efforts on changing lifestyles such as increased exercise, low-carbo diet, switching to non-alcohol beverages, and … etc. , we welcome you to come to our clinic and order particular blood tests. We will send you the test results and ...