The Onishi clinic was established in the Asakusa area (central part of Tokyo) as a clinic for internal medicine in 1890. In 1930, the clinic moved to the Omori area, the more southern part of Tokyo, and set up new department of dermatology. Our operation is now extended to laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology. Our intention is to offer the newest and the most adequate medical treatment for all patients.We take good care to create a home-like atmosphere when you come for a medical examination.

English available.

Address: 1-18-6 Omori-naka, Otaku,Tokyo,143-0014, Japan

Map to the clinic

TEL: 03-3765-0024 ( outside Japan: +81-3-3765-0024 )

FAX: 03-3762-2786 ( outside Japan: +81-3-3762-2786 )


Mayumi Onishi, M.D. , Ph.D. ( Director : Internal medicine, Hematology )
Masako Ichikawa, M.D. ( Dermatology )
Yuko Toma, M.D. , Ph.D.( Dermatology )
Keiko Ishii, M.D.( Plastic surgery )


Internal medicine
  • General internal medicine
  • Hematology ( Blood disease; ex. Anemia )
  • Blood laboratory test, Chest X-ray, Electrocardiogram (ECG), 24hours-holter ECG, etc.
  • Vaccination( against influenza and pneumococcus /streptococcus pneumoniae )
  • Topics:: About influenza (in japanese)
  • General skin disease ( Atopic dermatits, Contact dermatits, etc. )
  • Laser treatment ( Congenital mark: Nevus cell nevus, Nevus of Ota, Nevus spilus, Cafe au lait spots and others,
    Angioma: Strawberry angioma, Port wine stain, Facial Telangiectasia and others. Tatoo removal, Senile freckles, etc.)
  • Cosmetic dermatology ( Laser, Chemical peelings, etc. )

Office hour

Internal medicine
Monday - Saturday: AM 9:00-12:00,
Monday,Wednesday and Friday: PM3:00-6:00
Monday - Saturday: AM 9:00-12:00,
Monday,Wednesday and Friday: PM3:00-6:00,
Laser treatment: Tuesday and Saturday PM 2:00-

Partnership hospitals

Toranomon hospital, Tokyo University hospital, Sanno hospital,
Toho University Omori hospital, Showa University hospital, and etc.

Topics about laser treatment

  • Laser treatment for nevus and angioma :
    Recent laser devices can treat various kinds of congenital marks including : bluish mark (Nevus of Ota, Blue nevus, mongolian spot), brownish mark (Nevus spilus, Cafe au lait spots, Becker's nevus), reddish mark (Portwine stain, Strawberry mark) and black coloured mark (Nevus cell nevus). We started laser treatment in 1989 and have removed thousands of marks.
    This treatment was approved as an "advanced medical technology" by The Japanese Ministry of health and Welfare in 1993. From 1996, almost all of laser treatment against congenial mark was programmed under coverage of The National Health Insurance in Japan. (Telangiectasia, not a congenital mark, is also covered.) We use a Q-switched Ruby laser, Long pulsed Ruby laser, Pulsed Dye laser, CO2 laser, Unipulsed CO2 Laser and a Erbium YAG laser equipments.

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laser treatment for congenital mark
  • Cosmetic dermatology :
    (Freckles, Photoaging, Mole,, Facial telangiectasia, and others)
    Laser irradiation is most effective method against the above skin conditions. Almost all cases are treated together
    chemical peelings, Vitamin C lotion, Retinoic acid gel and other whitening creams following laser use.
    "Acquired dermal melanocytosis (ADM)" on the cheeks is a kind nevus. The National Health Insurance Program in Japan will cover 70% of the total cost for the laser treatment for ADM.
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