Laser treatment for congenital marks

**Recent laser devices can treat various kinds of congenital marks including : bluish mark (Nevus of Ota, Blue nevus, mongolian spot), brownish mark (Nevus spilus, Cafe au lait spots, Becker's nevus), reddish mark (Portwine stain, Strawberry mark) and black coloured mark (Nevus cell nevus). We started laser treatment in 1989 and have removed thousands of marks. This treatment was approved as an "advanced medical technology" by The Japanese Ministry of Welfare in 1993. From 1996, almost all of laser treatment against congenial mark was programmed under coverage of The National Health Insurance in Japan. (Telangiectasia, not a congenital mark, is also covered.). We use a Q-switched Ruby laser, Long pulsed Ruby laser, Pulsed Dye laser, CO2 laser, Unipulsed CO2 Laser and a Erbium YAG laser equipments. Topical anesthesia will be done 1 hour prior to the laser treatment. You will feel minimum pain.
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