Cosmetic dermatology
(Freckles, Mole, Facial wrinckles, Skin tags, Facial telangiectasia etc)

  • Senile freckles : Q-switched ruby Laser irradiation is one of the most effective way to treat photoaged skin; senile freckles on the cheeks, arms or shoulders. Almost all cases are treated together with chemical peeling, Vitamin C lotion, Retinoic acid gel and other whitening creams following laser use.
  • Skin tags on the cervical region shows multiple small nodules which appears in middle age and increase the number (also on the trunk). Carbon dioxide laser will brings you a smooth texture and touch on the cervical skin.
  • Nevus cell nevus (mole) :We present most adequate treatment for removing moles, depends on the location, shape and size individually. We select laser irradiation, electro coagulation, cryo surgery and scalpel sugery.
    If a histological examination is needed clinically, 70% of the total cost will be covered by the National Health Insurance Program in Japan.
  • Acne scarring: We treat acne scarrigng and taumatic scarring with laser irradiation
    ( laser skin resurfacing), mechanical abrasion, and chemical peelings. Each treatment can combine with other treatments. The procedure will be decided depends on individual's skin type, colour and condition. Collagen injection can perform only for individuals who don't have allergic reaction against bovine collagen and requires allergic skin test prior to the injection. The effect of collagen injection lasts almost 6 months after an injection.
  • Facial telangiectasia: Facial telangiectasia can be treated with Dye laser and Carbon dioxide laser. Combined sclerotherapy ( intravenous injection) is also available into conspicuously dilated blood vessels.